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Become a sustainability ambassador!

With a sustainability idea in your presentation, you actively support the transformation to a sustainable health sector:

We will suggest a relevant sustainability aspect in line with your planned presentation topic.

You agree with our proposal?

Then we will create a straightforward sustainability slide in PowerPoint for you free of charge.

You integrate the slide into your overall presentation and thus automatically become a sustainability ambassador:in the AGN.

These sustainability ambassadors are already on board:

Why are we suggesting this to you?
Perhaps you would like to get involved in a sustainable way, but cannot manage this on top of your professional and private commitments. We would therefore like to support your personal commitment and make it visible with our offer.

What information do we need from you?
Our proposal is based exclusively on your own lecture topic. We do not need any further information from you.

Which sustainability aspects fit my presentation?
Sustainability aspects could, for example

  • highlight the impact of climate change on your presentation topic
  • Give tips on potential savings in e.g. supply chains, product sampling, packaging
  • or health benefits, so-called co-benefits, which are linked to climate and environmental protection. For example, more exercise is healthy, but it is also good for the climate if people do not use their cars.

What can your foil look like?
If you agree with our proposal, you will receive a slide with a sustainability aspect in writing and/or pictures. At the same time, this slide distinguishes you as Sustainability Ambassador:in the AGN from.

Example slide Sustainability Ambassador:in
A predominantly plant-based diet saves greenhouse gases and at the same time promotes individual health.

Now you want to become a sustainability ambassador?
Or do you have your own suggestions and would like to integrate the topic of sustainability more strongly in your Integrate lecture?
Great! Just contact us for more info at

Sustainability ambassadors:inside

Last nameFirst nameTitle
AndersSabineDr. med.
BaronJens MalteProf. Dr. med.
Baumann ConzettKatrinDr. med.
ClaasUlrichProf. Dr. med.
Ermert-RothSusanneDr. med.
SchemppChristophProf. Dr. med.
SkudlikChristophProf. Dr. med.
SymanzikCaraPD Dr rer. nat. habil.
JoinersMaxDr. med.

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