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Chair of the Working Group on Sustainability in Dermatology (AGN) e.V.

Dr. med. Dipl. Biol. Susanne Saha, Dermatology, Freiburg
1st Chairperson

Dr. med. Dennis Niebel, Dermatology, Regensburg
2nd Chairman

Dr. med. Christina Hecker, Dermatology, Cologne
3rd Chairperson

Advisory members

Working groups

AG Plastic, questionable ingredients in externals and over-the-counter medicines:
Head: Dr. med. Dipl. Biol. Susanne Saha, Dermatology, Freiburg
Esther Luhmann, Pharmacy, Valencia, Spain (VdPP)

AG Sustainable Clinic and Practice Management, Resilience:
Head: Dr. med. Christina Hecker, Dermatology, Cologne
Dr. med. Sabine Anders, Dermatology, Munich
Dorit Düker, MD, Dermatology, Berlin (JuDerm)
Anne Hübner, MD, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, Hamburg (KLUG e.V.)
Dr. med. Christin Löffler, Dermatology, Heilbronn
Dr. med. Matthias Schmidt, Dermatology, Hanau

WG Academic Projects and Digital Medicine:
Head: Dr. med. Dennis Niebel, Dermatology, Regensburg
Ruben Heuer, Research Associate Charité, Berlin
Sebastian Strube, Dermatology, Marburg

AG Aesthetic-Cosmetic Dermatology and Cosmetic Ingredients:
Chair: Dr. med. Su Youn Becker-Weimann, Dermatology, Karlsruhe

AG Sustainability in the (dermato)-pathological laboratory:
Chair: Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller, Dermatology, Trier

The AGN is looking for more active members who are welcome to sign up for a WG. One-off project-related contributions are also welcome.
Please contact You us.

Member directory

Last nameFirst nameTitleActivity and location
AdldingerCarolinDr. med.Neurology, Freising
AndersSabineDr. med.Dermatology, Munich
BaldaufClaudiaDr. med.Dermatology, Bad Reichenhall
Baumann ConzettKatrinDr. med.Dermatology, Lucerne (Switzerland)
Becker-WeimannSu YounDr. med.Dermatology, Frankfurt
MugSimonePsychology studies, Freiburg
BergenthalPaulDermatology, Iserlohn
BernhardtKendra MahelaHealth and social services specialist, Karlsruhe
BettingerJörgDr. med.Dermatology, Karlsruhe
BothJeannineDr. med.Dermatology, Stäfa (Switzerland)
BrendelLukeDr. med.Dermatology, Karlsruhe
Bühler-SingerSusanneDr. med.Dermatology, Uttenreuth
BüttnerMarionDr. med.Dermatology, Dieburg
DietzPeterDr. med.Dermatology, Ampfing
Ermert-RothSusanneDr. med.Dermatology, Cologne
ErniBarbaraDr. med.Dermatology, Basel (Switzerland)
FilfilSusanneDr. med.Paediatrics and adolescent medicine, Cologne
FischerKatharinaDr. med.Dermatology, Karlsruhe
FuchteTobiasDentistry, Cologne
GiemeUlfDr. med.Dermatology, Meinerzhagen
GillitzerReinhardProf. Dr. med.Dermatology, Kempten
HavenithReginaDermatology, Bonn
HeckerNorbertDr. med.General medicine, Cologne
HeselhausSabineDr. med.Surgery, Adligenswil (Switzerland)
HeuerRubenResearch Associate Charité, Berlin
HörsterStefanDr. med.Dermatology, Freiburg
JagowJohannaDr. med.Dermatology, Warburg
JohnSven MalteProf. Dr. med.Dermatology, Osnabrück
JopenLuiseDr. med.Dermatology, Düsseldorf
Jost-PluschkeAnnetteDr. med.General medicine, Nuremberg
ChewFriederikeDr. med.Dermatohistopathology, Berlin
Khalifa-ParuchMahitabDr. med. univ.Dermatology, Vienna (Austria)
CookSusannePD Dr. med.Anaesthesiology, Berlin
CoalfishAnnetteDr. med.Dermatology, Berlin
CoalfishLuisa-MariaDr. med.Paediatrics, Duisburg
KörberJendaDr. med.Dermatology, Frankfurt
Krämer-SchultheissKatjaDr. med.Dermatology, Giessen
ShortBernadettDermatology, Regensburg
Solver-VinczeVirágDr. med.Dermatology, Essen
Lusi'sKarinDr. med.Anaesthesia, Leverkusen
Manasterski-UngerMariaDr. med.Dermatology, Berlin
MeidingerMargitDr. med.Dermatology, Vienna (Austria)
MeissnerMarkusProf. Dr. med.Dermatology, Frankfurt
MicudajSonjaDr. med.General medicine, Ladbergen
MikhaimerNadiaDr. med.Dermatology, Rendsburg
MileounisVasileosDermatology, Karlsruhe
MinnemannAnnetteDr. med.Dermatology, Bornheim
MinnemannManuelDr. med.Dermatology, Bornheim
MpilatisChrysantheDermatology, Frankfurt
MüllerCornelia S. L.Prof. Dr. med.Dermatology, Trier
MüllerStephanieDr. med.Dermatology, Bad Rappenau
NiebelDennisDr. med.Dermatology, Regensburg
NippesenBeateDr. med.Dermatology, Bünde
NippesenMarcusDr. med.Dermatology, Bünde
OjakGregorDermatology, Mainz
PartheyBeatriceDr. med.Dermatology, Düren
PauenVieraMedical assistant, Cologne
Peus-WoltemadeAnnePharmacy, Sandkrug
PrinceHannahRadiology assistant, Freiburg
PulseWibkeDermatology, Bad Essen
QuilitzschBrittaAdministration Dentistry, Karlsruhe
QuinklerCarolinDr. med.Dermatology, Brühl
RetterspitzMonikaDr. med.Neurology, Cologne
RöckemannMaditaDr. med.Dermatology
SchaeferWimDr. med.Dermatology, Münster
SchätzleMartinDr. med.Dermatology, Radolfzell
SchemppChristophProf. Dr. med.Dermatology, Freiburg
SchmichMareikeDermatology, Karlsruhe
SchmidKristinaPractice management, Karlsruhe
SchmidtKerstinDr. med.Dermatology, Leverkusen
SchmittHannaDermatology, Karlsruhe
SchönigFranziskaDr. med.Dermatology, Brandenburg
SchreyerHeikeDermatology, Bergisch Gladbach
SwedeKatharinaDr. med.Dermatology, Leipzig
StaubachPetraProf. Dr. med.Dermatology, Mainz
from Stebut-BorschitzEstherProf. Dr. med.Dermatology, Cologne
StraubDominikPharmacy, Cologne
SymanzikCaraDr. rer. nat.Health Sciences, Osnabrück
ten FreyhausKatharinaDr. med.Dermatology, Cologne
JoinersMaxDr. med.Dermatology, Dortmund
Weiglein-GillitzerUteDr. med.Dermatology, Sonthofen
VanscheidtWolfgangProf. Dr. med.Dermatology, Freiburg
Viardot-HelmerAstridDr. med.Dermatology, Leverkusen
WinckelmannKathrinDr. med.Dermatology, Cologne
WittenhorstManfredDr. med.Dermatology, Euskirchen
Philip DormstonWolfgang G.Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Dermatology, Cologne

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