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Sustainability in practice

Recording of the event "Sustainability in practice" from 26.04.2024.

Podcast ATEMWEG - The green practice in medicine

The eighth podcast episode of ATEMWEG focusses on the topic of sustainability "The green practice in medicine".

With Lisa Seiler, project manager of Klimadocs e.V. in Cologne, and Dr Christina Hecker, specialist in dermatology, 3rd chairwoman of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Nachhaltigkeit in der Dermatologie (AGN) e.V. in Cologne.

Global Climate and Health Alliance

Global health leaders representing the interests of more than 46.3M health professionals are calling for the #COP28 presidency and all National Governments to protect health by prioritising fossil fuels phase out during the upcoming climate negotiations in Dubai.

What does 3 degrees more mean?

Lecture of the renowned climate researcher Prof. Stefan Rahmstorf on the book "3 degrees more" at the Helmholtz Centre Leipzig.

Sustainability in dermatology

Statement by Dr Dennis Niebel on the topic of sustainability in the context of daily work at a university hospital

DDG 2023 - Sustainability in dermatology

Video interviews by coliquio with Dr Susanne Saha, Dr Christina Hecker and Dr Christin Löffler at the 52nd conference of the German Dermatological Society (DDG) e. V.

  • Video 1Dr. med. Susanne Saha talks about the AG Sustainability and the ecological footprint of the health care system.
  • Video 2Dr. med. Christina Hecker talks about sustainability in practice
  • Video 3Dr. med. Christin Löffler talks about sustainability in the clinic


Click here for the video interviews

How climate protection succeeds in the medical practice

Podcast of O-Ton Internal Medicine in conversation with Dr. med. Susanne Balzer

Listen to the podcast on Soundcloud here

Courtesy of: MedTriX GmbH

Leading the Charge through Earth's New Normal

Johan Rockström (Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) speaks at the World Economic Forum about the importance of healthy ecosystems for the future of humanity and meeting the 1.5 °C target. 

Original video on the page of the Word Economic Forum 

Will Steffen - The Great Turning Point Ahead

The video was translated into German by Scientists4Future. 

Social Tipping Interventions & Science Communication

Courtesy of the Climate Change and Health Alliance (KLUG e.V.)

Climate Change for Physicans

Surgery Waste

Dutch artist Maria Koijck amidst the used disposable products of an operation after her breast cancer.

Courtesy of: Maria Koijck

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