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Articles by the KlimaDocs for the AGN

From a medical perspective, climate protection is first and foremost health protection. The KlimaDocs explain how people can help to counteract climate change and protect their own health at the same time. The vision of our non-profit association is to bring the topic of "More health through climate protection" to the centre of social discourse in order to initiate a change in thinking and behaviour.

To this end, we would like to encourage doctors and other members of the healthcare system from practices and clinics to act as multipliers to educate their patients about the health benefits of climate-friendly behaviour (so-called co-benefits). This is because we enjoy a great deal of trust from our patients and reach everyone in society.

Our message: According to the WHO, climate protection measures are currently the most important thing we can do for our health. Every individual can make an important contribution. This is not about doing without, but about change for the better.

To this end, we provide practices and clinics with attractive and Well-founded information material to support you in this task. The material was created in collaboration with professional associations and health communication experts and includes print media, digital brochures and articles, a button for the website, waiting room posters and 2 short films for the waiting room or website, as well as appointment cards. It can be made available in the waiting room without taking up additional time or handed out in person, e.g. during check-ups. Your patients thus receive simple and easy-to-implement tips that they can use to do something good for their health, their fellow human beings and the climate.

Are you a doctor or a member of other healthcare professions? You can order our free materials via can be ordered. You automatically become a KlimaDoc yourself, but do not enter into any further obligations such as membership or similar.

Get involved, because the future doesn't just happen - we shape it with our actions!

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